7 Steps to choose the perfect Awning

7 Steps to choose the perfect Awning

1. Choice of the Width

It is recommended to use an awning that is aesthetic and proportional to your façade thus guaranteeing optimum protection to your carpets and furniture.

2. Choice of the Projection

The shadow under your retractable awning will vary considerably depending on the orientation, the hour of the day, the time of the year and so on… so consider this when you choose your ideal projection.

3. Choice of the awning box

The awning box houses the ingenious retractable arms, the motor and the fabric. Besides a beautiful design, the intended application, the robustness and the way of fixation, are important elements in the choice of an awning box.

4. Choice of retractable arms

No parts are as important as the folding arms. They support the fabric, they roll it in and out and are even hosting LED lights. Wind, large projection: each application has its specific retractable arm.

5. Choice of fabric

It is recommended to choose a high quality acrylic fabric that can resist all weather conditions. The fabric is the largest surface of the canopy and gives an extra touch to the surroundings. The fabric comes in many colours and textures making the design as important as the practical function of the awning. Enjoy our extensive collection of more than 500 references.

6. Choice of motorisation

The awnings are fitted with a fully automatic controlled motor operated by a convenient remote allowing at the same time other functions like controlling a valance, switching on and off the LED lighting or heating. Simpler, but less flexible, is the operation with a switch. Or in case you’d really want to go back to basics, you could opt for a manual crank.

7. Choice of finish

Broadview offers a number of options to personalise your awning. LED lighting, heating, special colours … these options can be found here

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