4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Pool-side Pergola from Broadview

A couple enjoying their pool house at sunset.

At Broadview, we find that many of our clients use their new aluminium pergola as a stylish and attractive pool house.

Our luxury garden pergolas are incredibly flexible spaces. In addition to being used as hosting spaces for parties and dinners, they can be used as an alternative to garden buildings such as summer houses or pool houses.

Lots of clients of ours have opted for a pool pergola, with the addition of retractable fabric screens and sliding glass panels turning the structure into a warm and private place to change or relax pool-side. They can also be customised with heaters and LED lighting for a pool-side pergola that can used in cooler evenings, too. 

Here are just some of the benefits of turning a pergola into a pool house.

A pool pergola provides a warm and comfortable place to change

A pool house is great if you have kids who regularly use the pool, or you enjoy throwing pool parties for friends and family. Having a place to get changed poolside is far more convenient than letting everyone traipse in and out of the house dripping wet. Simply pull down the roller screens for privacy and turn on the heaters to stay warm. Much nicer than a cold walk back to the main house! 

Sit and relax in the comfort of your pergola pool house

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting by the pool and looking out over the water with a refreshing drink in your hand. A pool house offers the ultimate space to do just that, with the option of adjusting your sliding glass panels, roller screens and louvred roof to create your ideal level of airflow and shade. 

With a perfectly shaded poolside spot to sit and enjoy a good book, every day can feel like a holiday. 

A pergola offers useful additional storage

The sliding glass panels we use to turn your pergola into a fully enclosed structure are not only extremely durable, but they can also be locked. This means your pool house can be used as a useful storage space for pool toys, cleaning chemicals, towels, or anything else you might need! 

A pool-side pergola offers the perfect social space

A fully enclosed and heated pool house makes a great space for socialising. If you enjoy inviting friends and family round for pool parties, you can use the pool house as a place for guests to get changed, sit and chat, or enjoy drinks and nibbles. 

Find out more about turning your pergola into a pool house

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