5 garden privacy ideas

Garden Privacy Pergola

There’s nothing worse than a nosy neighbour peeking through their curtains into your garden when you’re hosting a dinner party or trying to relax with a book. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to increase your garden’s privacy levels, including installing trellis, growing hedges, or even investing in a pergola from Broadview. In this article, we’ll explore the five things you can do to ensure you can enjoy your garden away from the unwelcome eye of the person living next door or across the street.

  1. Install a trellis
  2. Install wooden screens/fences
  3. Grow hedges
  4. Invest in a pergola
  5. Build a conveniently placed outbuilding

1. Install a trellis

Trellis is a super handy way to give your garden some privacy. Placed strategically around patio areas, the type of fencing enables you to grow fast growing climbing plants that’ll ensure your patio is nice and privatised by the time the warmer weather comes round. For example, according to Gardener’s World, the Perennial Sweet Pea takes just a season to cover a fence, so when planted in the spring, you’ll have a pretty – and private – patio area to enjoy by summer!

Trellis with Pink Roses

2. Install wooden screens/fences

If you’re looking for a more immediate solution to your privacy problem, you could install a wooden screen or fence. For a natural look, why not look at thatch brushwood or bamboo screens? Or perhaps install a wooden panel fence-style screen but make a feature of it? Weave fairy lights in and out of the panels to create a cute and cosy drinks area to enjoy with friends during the summer.

Wooden Screen in Garden

3. Growing hedges

Growing a hedge isn’t a quick solution, but there are some hedges that grow quicker than others, giving you an attractive, natural privacy solution in just a year or so. For something different with each passing season, the Red Berberis is a great choice. From orange berries in the spring to yellow flowers in the summer, when you choose a hedge to improve your garden’s privacy, you know you’re doing your bit for nature, too.

Hedge around a Pergola

4. Investing in a pergola

A pergola from Broadview creates the ultimate private party space. Available in a range of sizes to suit your patio area, it enables you to entertain guests all year round thanks to the option to add heaters and screens for a fully enclosed space. You can open and close the automated roof at the first sign of sun or rain – and lower or fold away your screens whenever you want additional privacy or sun exposure. With the addition of LED lights and integrated Bluetooth technology, it’s the ultimate private space.

Pergola over a BBQ

5. Install an outbuilding

If a pergola isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you could look at installing an outbuilding. A summer house or garden office at the bottom or side of the garden could give you that additional bit of privacy from peering neighbours – particularly if you place a new patio area in front of it. Or, if you’re feeling particularly party-ish you could even create your own garden pub. Just make sure you properly prepare your garden for an outbuilding with a concrete base.

Blue Summer House

Inspired by any of these garden privacy ideas?

Most of these garden privacy ideas are readily available in local garden stores, but Broadview is your specialist for pergolas. We’ve designed, supplied, and installed beautiful pergolas across hundreds of gardens across the south, and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you to create the ultimate private area in your garden. Give the friendly team a call on 01202 679012.