Get Inspired With These 5 Breathtaking Pergola Designs

Pergola Designs
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Have you ever looked at the open space in your garden and wondered about its possibilities? It could be a tranquil relaxation spot, a welcoming dining area, a lively entertainment hub… or it could be all three rolled into one, thanks to the addition of a pergola.

A pergola is a freestanding or attached structure with vertical posts, crossbeams, and an open lattice or solid roof. They've been around for centuries, but recent innovations in design and technology have led to a surge in popularity. Today's pergolas feature sleek, modern looks and come with a wealth of customisation options, making them the perfect way to transform your outdoor space into a spot you'll enjoy all year round.

With a 50-year history at Broadview, we're in the business of creating stunning aluminium pergolas for homeowners across the UK. To help spark some inspiration for your own project, we've shared five of our favourite pergola designs with you below!

1. White Pergola With Integrated Lighting

White Pergola With Integrated Lighting

With this pergola, the homeowners were looking for an outdoor space that could be used day and night, in any weather. To meet their needs, a compact pergola that was perfectly proportioned to extend their living space without sacrificing precious garden area was created.

The pergola's white frame brightened the space and complemented the light tiles underfoot. The roof provided shade and shelter from rain or sun, transforming the patio into an all-season outdoor living area, while LED lighting along the arms and roof allowed use after dark.

2. Modern Black and White Pergola

Modern Black and White Pergola

This pergola was a seamless addition to the patio on the back of the house, providing shade and shelter for the outdoor kitchen and dining area. Its dark frame and white roof complemented the existing colour scheme perfectly, enhancing rather than competing with the home's clean lines and minimalist style.

Custom-built to fit the contours of the patio, the pergola stretched from the back door to the edge of the grass, offering coverage without awkward overhang. It was also outfitted with dimmable overhead lighting, allowing the homeowners to comfortably grill, dine, and entertain from early morning to well past sunset.

3. Poolside Pergola With Roller Screens

Poolside Pergola With Roller Screens

This poolside pergola featured adjustable roller screens that allowed the homeowner to regulate sunlight and airflow with the touch of a button. When raised, the dark screens blended seamlessly into the modern frame, creating an unobstructed view while providing reprieve from the rays. The screens could be lowered to instantly transform the space into a cool, shaded oasis – the perfect refuge for lounging poolside while still allowing soft sunlight to filter through.

The pergola's minimalist design and dark colour scheme complemented the modern aesthetic of the pool area's furnishings, meaning it didn't detract from the style of the space.

4. Louvred Roof Pergola Blended Into Home

Louvred Roof Pergola Blended Into Home

This pergola extended the open living area of the home, blending seamlessly with both the interior and exterior walls. Its clean lines and neutral colours meant it complemented the home's modern aesthetic without distracting from the feel of the space.

The pergola also featured a louvred roof that could be tilted to let in just the right amount of sunlight and fresh air. This made it a more versatile option for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

5. Louvred Roof Pergola with Oceanside View

Louvred Roof Pergola with Oceanside View

This pergola provided a peaceful respite for the homeowner to take in the breathtaking ocean vista. White louvred panels filtered the bright rays overhead, creating a cool, airy space to relax outside, while matching white furnishings and accents lent a crisp, coastal feel. From this vantage point, the homeowner could look out over miles of sparkling blue sea in complete comfort.

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Design your perfect outdoor space with a custom pergola from Broadview. Our made-to-measure pergolas are carefully crafted to suit your unique style, transforming your garden into a stylish haven for relaxing or entertaining.

Whether your taste runs modern, classic, or anywhere in between, our team of experts will work with you one-on-one to design and build the ideal pergola for your home. We use only premium-quality materials so your pergola will withstand the elements for years to come, and offer a variety of additional upgrades to help you make the most out of it:

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