Why pergolas aren’t just for summer


Outdoor living may sound unappealing during winter, but why does it need to be? Pergolas can be made into the perfect winter retreat, and they allow you to make use of your garden all year round whilst still enjoying warmth and comfort.


Our lean-to pergolas are equipped with a waterproof PVC backed acrylic canvas roof that will protect you against winter drizzle. As the roof is angled, the water is channelled and runs off harmlessly into the integrated gutter system, keeping you completely dry.

For even more protection from the elements, consider adding reinforced sliding glass screens to your pergola, which will allow you to appreciate your garden without the wind chill.


As well as providing excellent shelter, we can equip your pergola with a Burda 2kw output heater and dimmable LED lighting which will help keep you and your guests warm whilst allowing you to make the most of your pergola both day and night.

The addition of windproof roller screens to your pergola will ensure that there is no breeze or water coming in to disturb your enjoyment of your outdoor living space, even during high winds and rain. 


Storms are common during winter in the UK and high wind speeds can be dangerous for outdoor furniture and structures. The retractable nature of pergolas makes them perfect for handling this obstacle, as the roof can be retracted at will. They can even be set up with a wind sensor to close themselves when wind speeds get too high, which is perfect for you’re away when gusts hit.

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