Grey aluminium pergola

B200 & B600 Pergola Installation in Guildford

This exciting project in Guildford involved installing three awnings, two pergolas and a parasol in a beautiful garden complete with swimming pool.

The Brief

With a garden boasting gorgeous, sprawling lawns, vast patio areas, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, our client asked us to design several outdoor shading areas that would make perfect entertainment areas in which to host his family and friends.

Broadview designed and installed two custom-made pergolas to extend the living space and provide poolside sun protection. We also installed three retractable awnings along the south west orientation of the home so the client could enjoy the afternoon sun with the press of a button.

To finish, we installed a large parasol which can change orientation depending on the position of the sun. This stunning five product solution transformed our client’s garden into the perfect area to enjoy warm weather, while also ensuring cosy, heated areas in the cooler months.

B200XL Poolside Pergola

Our client’s poolside pergola was custom-designed to provide a 5.8m by 3.6m shading solution. The B200XL is completely remote control operated, and comes with rotating louvres so the client can control the amount of sun cover. The client also opted for a special paint finish.

Thanks to the B200XL’s diverse design options, we were able to hide the pool pumps and create an area where swimmers can hang their towels. For further protection, the client chose to add automatic windproof and insect repelling ZIP screens in a fresh Linen/Pearl Grey colour.

The client opted to integrate LED lighting, and we installed two stylish glass-fronted Platinum Smart Heaters, which create heat without emitting a red glow. This meant that the client would be able to use the poolside pergola all year round.

B600 Pergola Living Space Extension

The client also asked us to design a patio shading solution from which he could enjoy his stunning lake outlook. The B600 pergola was the perfect solution, as it creates a fully adjustable entertainment space.

Thanks to a retractable roof and ZIP sides, the space can be transformed from a completely open and exposed area to enjoy the mild mid-season months, to a sheltered space for hot days and cooler nights.

The 5m by 3m B600 pergola was completely custom-fitted, and we used special brackets due to the specification of the client’s house. We integrated LED lights and Platinum Smart Heaters so the space could be enjoyed all year round.

B28 Elite and Prestige Awnings

Awnings are a great way to create shade inside and outside. By installing adjustable awnings along the south west orientation of our client’s house, we gave him the ability to control the amount of sun that entered his house in the evening, in addition to providing our client with space to enjoy the last of the day’s sunshine.

Prostor P7 Parasol

To finish the installation, we provided our client with a Prostor P7 Parasol. It measured 4.2m in diameter, and came with an adjustable ground sleeve that meant they could swivel the orientation of the parasol in line with the sun.

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