Pergolas with Weather Sensors

The rain and snow sensors that can come with our pergolas with automated louvred roofs are very handy in the event of bad weather. Thanks to their sensitive pad, they can pick up the slightest motion of rain or snow.

One of the best features of a Broadview pergola is the roof, which boasts automated adjustable louvres that can be angled to various degrees to provide just the right amount of shade. In the event of bad weather, they can completely close, keeping you – and your guests – dry.

Introducing the rain sensor

The fantastic benefit of opting for a rain sensor is you don’t even need to reach for the remote to close your roof – the sensor will tell the roof to close for you, so you can carry on with your activity uninterrupted. Thanks to the pergola’s sophisticated guttering system, any water will filter directly into your garden’s drainage system, keeping your pergola’s mechanical and structural integrity intact. The other advantage of this is it’ll ensure your garden furniture is kept dry if there’s an unexpected shower when you’re out! 

Introducing snow sensor

It’s good to be prepared for all eventualities, so you may wish to invest in a snow sensor, too. The snow sensor will detect when it starts to snow and automatically open the louvres up to 90 degrees. This will ensure that the weight of any snowfall doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the pergola.

The rain and snow sensors are just two of the optional extras

We love the fact that our customers can create a pergola that’s customised to their own requirements – and rain and snow sensors are just the start when it comes to additional extras. Whether it’s LED lighting, heaters, or retractable side screens, a Broadview pergola is your chance to create your perfect outside space.

For more information or to discuss your dream pergola with our team, don’t hesitate to call 01202 679012.

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