Benefits of retractable garden awnings

A retractable garden awning is the ultimate solution for those looking to create a shaded area within their garden that offers the flexibility to be opened and closed as and when you need. Our garden awnings are available in a range of styles and sizes, with a product guaranteed to suit your needs! Whether you’re interested in a wall-mounted garden awning, or a free-standing garden awning, the retractable awnings in our range can be designed specifically to the requirements of your property.

What are the benefits of retractable garden awnings?

To help make your choice of garden shading solution a little simpler, our team of garden awnings experts have put together a list of the key benefits of choosing a retractable garden awning.

Maximise your outdoor space

Retractable garden awnings make the very most of your available outdoor space by providing an area that lends itself perfectly to furniture and lighting, where your friends and family will be able to enjoy summer evenings sheltered from the weather in a comfortable outdoor environment.

Free-standing options available

Unlike certain other outdoor shading products, retractable garden awnings offers you the flexibility to remain sheltered in areas of your garden that are slightly away from your property if you wish to as they can be built as a free-standing structure; the Twinstor retractable awning is the ideal choice for those looking for this type of shading solution. Whether you’d prefer a garden awning that is attached to your home, or one that is a little further up the garden, our retractable awning experts offer a design and installation service to suit your needs.

high quality retractable garden awnings

retractable garden awnings

Bespoke designs available

When you choose our outdoor shading team to install your garden awnings, you’re guaranteed a product that is designed specifically to suit the requirements of your property, as well as something that suits your own personal taste. Whatever size, style or even colour of garden awning you require, our awnings are your number one choice.

Flexible shading

Our retractable garden awnings can be manually or electronically opened and closed as and when you want. Whether you need shade on a sunny day, or a little extra light on a darker afternoon, simply open or close your garden awning as much or as little as you'd like for a light level to suit you!

From retractable garden awnings to garden pergolas, our team of outdoor shading specialists offer a product that will provide you with the ideal space to relax or entertain all year round. For more information about the service we offer, contact our team today on 01202 679012.