Our outdoor structures are extremely low maintenance

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Patio canopies, awnings and verandas can bridge your house to your garden. This need not create excessive cleaning tasks though, as our experts explain.

An outdoor structure can add character to your garden, but some people worry that it may be a lot of maintenance to look after an awning or garden pod, ensuring it doesn’t get too dirty. However at Broadview, all of our outdoor shading solutions are extremely low maintenance.

Brush fabric roofs

Despite their elegant look, awnings are extremely tough and able to stand up to harsh weather conditions and raging winds. Dirt and grime can build up on the fabric of your awning, but you can brush it clear to keep it clean. Ensure you always retract your awning in low temperatures to avoid freezing.

Wipe down metal structures

Metal structures such as patio canopies and verandas can get dirty over time, but the advantage of using metal as a material is that it’s easy to clean and wipe down, should it get dirty. Our outdoor structures also have a discrete gutter system to drain the rainwater from the roof of your structure, so you won’t have to worry about water collecting.

Clean glass screens with a solution

Glass screens are a great option for your patio canopy, as they can give you some form of protection against the wind and rain without blocking off your view to the rest of the garden. Cleaning your glass screens regularly with a warm water solution can help to keep them free from streaks.

Vacuum a roller screen

A roller screen is a good way to offer flexibility over light and shade. Roller screens might look like they run on delicate mechanisms, but they’re surprisingly hard-wearing: just vacuum the material when you can, and along the sides of the screen, to clear any dirt that might build up there.

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