Should I get electric or manual retractable garden awnings?

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Garden awnings are perfect all year round even in more unpredictable seasons such as winter, where it could be uncomfortable to use your garden space for entertainment purposes. Broadview is one of the leading shading suppliers in Dorset and the South, in every garden awning project we strive to provide an unbeatable and professional service to every client and their home. It can be a tricky decision to choose either a manual or electric retractable garden awning as they each have their own benefits in usability, but they both maximise garden space while creating a classy and fun environment. 

We have a variety of different manual and retractable garden awning styles, available in B-127 Veranda, B-127 Pergola, Twinstor, B-28, B-28 Elite, B-28 Prestige, B-35 & B-35 Prestige, B-38 & B-38 Prestige and B-50

Benefits of manual and electric garden awnings

Electric awnings can be controlled from another room

As electronic garden awnings are remote controlled you have the option of closing or opening your shading solution from another location. You don’t have to be at your garden awning to be near the controls if it suddenly starts raining, you can easily open the awning from the comfort of your home. While you're hosting there’s no need to suddenly walk away from a conversation to open or close your garden awning, the remote control is discrete and you can continue your activities without interruption.

Manual awnings are quick to open

Manual awnings are simple and quick to operate, they don’t need much strength to open, and close so the whole family can use the shading solution. As they’re quick to open your family can have fast protection from extreme weather conditions, that don’t have to ruin your outdoor celebrations. A manual awning needs little maintenance throughout the year as it doesn't have any machinery to replace or fix, and it also can still operate during power cuts. 

Ultimate protection from the elements 

All garden awnings are durable and long-lasting in any weather conditions. Our garden awnings are 100% waterproof, and protect people sitting underneath from harmful UV rays - perfect for protecting your family and friends! There are also sun and wind sensor options that can be integrated into your garden awning. When the wind and sun sensor detects changing weather conditions your garden awning will automatically close. 

For more information about Broadview’s manual and retractable garden awnings, contact our experts on 01202 679012