Which outdoor shading option is right for my home?

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Each outdoor shading solution offers something different for your garden, but which one is right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

Whether you’re looking for shade from the sun or just to protect your furniture, there are so many options available when it comes to outdoor shading. Our experts have compiled a handy quiz, so have a read through and make a note of your answers: which shading solution is best for you?

Is it important to cover the patio?

a) Yes, I’d like a patio cover that shades the space closest to the house.
b) Yes, but I’d like a patio cover that extends a little further out.
c) No, I would rather have an outdoor structure further down the garden.

Do you want an outdoor structure that retracts?

a) Yes, I think it’s important to be able to adjust a shading solution so that I can effectively pack it away.
b) Retraction isn’t important, but if the roof could adjust, then I can decide how much light the structure lets in.
c) An adjustable roof would be nice, but isn’t essential.

Should your outdoor shading structure have a roof and walls?

a) I just want cover from a roof, without walls. As little structure as possible is preferable: I don’t want leg posts.  
b) I want a defined structure with a roof and leg posts, but I don’t want walls.
c) I would like walls and a roof from my outdoor structure.

Do you want fabric in your outdoor shading solution?

a) Yes, it should all be made of fabric.
b) No, I want a shading solution that’s made of metal.
c) I want a shading solution made of metal, but I would like roller screens made of fabric.

What material would you like your shading solution primarily to be made of?

a) Fabric with metal structure.
b) Metal.
c) Glass with metal structure.

Are you looking to shade fully from the sun?

a) Yes, I want to fully shade my patio with my outdoor shading solution.
b) I’d like my shading solution to mostly shade from the sun, but not completely.
c) I’d like shade from the sun and protection from the wind and rain from the sides of my outdoor shading solution.

Are you looking to protect furniture with your shading solution?

a) Only the furniture indoors. I want my patio cover to block sunlight streaming through the windows.
b) No, it’s not important to protect furniture.
c) Yes, but only garden furniture.



Mostly As: You’re best buying an awning

Awnings cover just the patio. They retract fully and offer shade from the sun, but they don’t have leg posts or walls like a conventional garden structure.

Mostly Bs: A lean-to patio canopy suits your garden best

A lean-to patio canopy is connected to your house but extends out over the patio. It offers adjustable louvres and has leg posts, but walls are optional.

Mostly Cs: You should invest in a garden pod

A garden pod is often situated further down the garden. Similar to a patio canopy, it will often have a solid roof and walls, which can be made of glass.

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