What’s the difference between our Lean-to and Louvred Pergolas?

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We are proud to be expert providers and installers of both lean-to and louvred pergolas, but what exactly is the difference between the two and what advantages do both afford you and your home? 

We want to help make your decision as easy as possible, so have broken down the key differences and advantages of our louvred and lean-to pergolas so that you can find the right pergola for your needs. If you have any further questions about our range of pergolas, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 679012.

Louvred Pergolas

Louvred design

As the name suggests, louvred pergolas have a louvred roof design where each slat is spaced apart and can be tilted open or closed at the touch of a button. The louvres tilt in order to channel rain water to the built-in gutter and harmlessly through the leg posts. Our B-600 Cabrio pergolas even offer a retractable option, where the slats retract to leave 87% of the roof area completely open, perfect for admiring a warm blue day.

Can be free standing 

A louvred pergola is structured as a level construction, and can be either free standing with four legs or attached to a rear or side wall with two. This gives you the flexibility to place a louvred pergola wherever you want in the area outside your home.

Lean-to Pergolas

Lean-to design

Unlike louvred pergolas, lean-to pergolas must share a wall with a building and instead of rotatable slats have a retractable folding roof system, giving you full control of sunlight exposure. The waterproof PVC roof fabric is angled to allow for water runoff through an integrated guttering system like in our louvred pergolas. The B-500 lean-to pergola has an inclined roof, so requires a minimum roof pitch of 9mm, and when retracted protects your fabric roof with a cover.

The differences between the two are, largely, design based and the benefits you can enjoy with a lean-to or louvred roof pergola are largely shared. You can install LED lighting, a heater and roller screens to both kinds of pergola in order to maximise your comfort and enjoyment all year round.

Interested in a high-quality shading solution for your garden? For more information about our pergolas, garden awnings, roller screens or louvred roof products, contact our team today on 01202 679012.

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