How an awning can enhance your conservatory or glass room


Patio and garden awnings not only provide shade and protection for you and your guests outdoors, but can also lead to further enjoyment of your conservatory or glass room.

One of the best things about a conservatory or glass room is having a cosy indoor space to enjoy natural light year-round, allowing you to appreciate the feeling of the outdoors even during colder months. However, all this sunlight can lead to blinding glare and the quick build-up of heat, potentially making it uncomfortable. This is where one of our awnings can help, especially during those hotter days.

Total control over shading

The lack of any opaque walls or ceiling in a conservatory or glass room means that there is no shade whatsoever and so no respite from the sun’s rays. Not only may this leave you squinting into the brightness, it can also lead to the rapid build-up of heat inside, not unlike a greenhouse effect, making the air stifling and uncomfortable.

The installation of a glass roof shading system, such as the B127 Veranda system, will make your conservatory or glass room truly enjoyable even during the hottest summer days. The awning is fitted above your glass roof, deflecting the sun’s rays before they enter, so that you can enjoy the space glare-free and at a comfortable temperature. Our glass roof awnings can be extended and retracted at the touch of a button, and even come with an extension option beyond the front of your conservatory if you require additional shade. 

An awning is the perfect solution to enjoying your glass room or conservatory all year-round! We are experts in the installation of glass roof shading, so if you require an awning for your conservatory or glass room, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 679012.