What is a Pergola?

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When it comes to patio and garden covers and shading, there’s a whole host of exciting options available for you to choose from. Umbrellas and awnings are, of course, excellent solutions, instantly conjuring images of picnic benches and cool gardens. However, there’s one option that, despite being among our most popular products, is at first often met with a blank – the beautiful pergola!

How Is a modern pergola different from a traditional one? Today's pergolas are very different from the original oriental-looking wooden ones with a lattice roof of past times. The word is now used to mean a variety of outdoor and garden structures, some free-standing, some as fixed awnings to a terrace or patio.

And not only do they have a roof covering; modern pergola roofs can be louvered or retractable. They can have sliding walls for year-round comfort, and the greatest difference lies in what they are made of today: aluminium, steel, glass PVC, and of course, if you still want it, wood.

What is a pergola used for?

Simply put, a pergola is a garden structure that provides shading to a walkway or sitting area and consists of columns that support a roof of beams or rafters. 

Modern pergolas are so much more than a humble patio cover. They’re simple permanent structures that add a certain elegance and style to your garden and come in a range of sizes, colours and designs that can be customised to fit your taste perfectly. Unlike other patio covers that need to be attached to a wall, pergolas come in two-legged, four-legged, lean-to and free-standing varieties and can be placed anywhere in the garden. 

Elegant louvred roofing

What’s more, due to their unique design you can choose to have a louvred roof which tilts open and closed at the touch of a button, giving complete and easy control over ventilation and sunlight (and when you need to avoid any surprising summer showers!). To really add to the charm of a pergola, special extras such as LED mood lighting and heating can be added, as can sliding glass walls to transform your summer shade into a winter retreat. 

So there you have it, pergolas are a simple, elegant garden structure providing a fantastic area in which to enjoy your garden with family and friends, at any time of the year. 

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