Tips to keep your patio furniture protected in winter

Protecting your garden furniture in winter
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With September out of the way and the UK winter on the horizon, it’s almost time to head inside for a while, that means no more beach and no more summer games in the garden. However, for those of you with furnished patios in your gardens this shouldn’t mean that your outdoor furniture should be neglected for the next few months. Our outdoor shading professionals have created a list of 10 tips for keeping all that beautiful furniture, well beautiful, for next summer.

Clean fabric cushion and chair covers

If you have fabric cushion covers, chuck them in the washing machine before storing them away. That way when spring comes around they will be clean and bacteria-free for you to lean on.

Brush or vacuum outdoor furniture

Give your patio furniture a good clean to remove loose dirt or debris – in accordance to its material. This is important, if your outdoor furniture is made of woven resin wicker, give it a quick brush or even scrub down gently with mild soap water. If the furniture is made from fabric completely, then a vacuum cleaner will probably do the job. 

Protect with a patio canopy or pergola

Protecting your patio furniture under a sheltered/roofed area is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it weathers the storm, as it were. A patio canopy will protect your furniture and anything else in your patio from heavy rainfall, hail or falling branches. On top of this, having a roof on your patio means that with the addition of a heater you may just be using your outdoor furniture all throughout the year. Our range of patio canopies at Broadview Shading offer the perfect blend of aesthetic and protection for every style and size of patio out there.

Store furniture away in a protected secure location

The fact is, there are some extreme weather conditions that no amount of overhead cover will protect the furniture from. Which is why people that live in climates that experience extreme weather conditions prefer to store their patio furniture away in the shed or in the basement for winter.

Apply oil to natural wood furniture

Do this at least once a year if you own outdoor wooden furniture, and as the sun fades the wood you’ll want to replenish it with a fresh coat of paint. This also helps protect the wood from further damage.

Clean your patio surface

Once you’ve taken care of your patio furniture and BBQ, you should also think about protecting the surface of your patio too. Give it a thorough clean and – if required – reseal the surface accordingly.

Follow these tips and when next spring arrives, your patio furniture will look good as new. 

Whilst your stuck indoors during the winter, why not plan for an upgrade to your patio for next summer? We have a range of shading solutions for patios specifically, available in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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