Can I use my garden awning all year round?

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Whilst your garden awning may be waterproof enough to stand up to rain, every retractable awning is at risk of damage when exposed to very high winds. How your awning is stored when not in use will also potentially affect its lifespan, so there are several considerations when choosing a garden or patio awning that is truly suited to year-round use. 

How you store your garden awning matters

How an awning is stored once it retracts is an important consideration when it comes to choosing an awning for your home. Standard and half-cassette models will leave some of the fabric partially exposed, leaving your awning vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. If this is the case with your garden awning, you can invest in a storage bag to put over the top to offer complete protection.

Alternatively, full-cassette models, such as the B-28, B-28 Elite and B-28 Prestige, fully seal your awning away once retracted, keeping the fabric safe from damp or the possibility of a rip, so are perfectly suited to year-round use.

Don’t leave your garden awning out during high winds

It’s nice to be able to sit out and enjoy your awning during a shower, which is why our awnings come with the option of waterproof-tested acrylic fabrics. Be aware that if you want your awning to be effective in the rain, it must be at a pitch of at least 14 degrees to allow water to run off rather than pool in the middle. However, it’s always wisest to retract your awning in the case of high winds to avoid the risk of tears to the fabric or damage to the arms of the awning.

Our awnings come with several retract options, from crank handle, to button controlled, to fully automated. If you think you’re likely to leave your awning out overnight by accident, or simply don’t want the hassle of opening and closing your patio awning yourself, then consider letting wind sensors do all the work for you to avoid potential damage to your awning.

Taking on board this advice will lead you to owning a garden awning suitable for almost all external conditions. Our garden and patio awnings come with a range of fabrics, accessories and retract options to choose from, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements for a new garden awning on 01202 679012

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